Do you need a real estate attorney NY Ask a home buyer, whether he needs a real estate attorney NY for buying his dream home? The buyer would first say no I don need legal assistance and then he would give strange reasons for denying legal help. He would Michael Kors handbags outlet go Replica Michael Kors Handbags on saying that he trusts his realtor and he believes that Michael Kors outlet his realtor would help him walk through the legal hurdles. Most home buyers rely on realtors for everything from searching property to fulfilling the legal cheap michael kors formalities. On investigation, michael kors outlet it is found that a majority of buyers are unaware about the legal formalities involved in property dealing. They take property as any other commodity and they think that the property could be Michael Kors handbags outlet bought and sold like a refrigerator. But the reality is just opposite. First it should be clear to all that property is a matter of the federal law. It is law of the land that regulates the property market. Every property has a legal heir cheap michael kors and it is the legal heir that has right to michael kors outlet dispose the property. Home that is not recorded
Do lawyers kill good uses of technology v I recently closed on a real estate purchase. If there was one area of life that screams for the web, it has to be this one. Let start with the offer process. I offer X. My Realtor prepares a 37 page offer. I sign here, initial there, and he faxes it to the seller. Naturally the seller counters. His Realtor prepares a 40 page counter. You can see how this goes on and on. Of course through all this faxing, the initial copy becomes unclear, necessitating a completely new contract. I finalized $10 million dollar offers by e mail. Why I can even make cheap Michael Kors handbags an offer on a piece of property that way boggles my mind. Next is the lending process. I started on Lending Tree. You fill out a 10,000 screen on line questionnaire and then what? You start getting e mails. To get actual information from these lenders, you are immediately faxed 10 pages of paper that must be physically signed, michael kors outlet and faxed back, with a copy in the mail. So I already up to a potential 40 pages of paper, just to get
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