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and you working with them every day. During that time, you paying complete attention to them, teaching them to pay complete attention to you, and they get their favorite food as icing on the cake. This does incredible things for the bond between you and your dog. They learn to focus on you, no matter what, and good things will come. They get praised and fed, or praised and allowed to michael kors handbags outlet tug on a toy, whichever motivates michael kors outlet the dog more, so your relationship can help but blossom. Ever since Tazzie and I started training together, she has claimed me as her own. When my other two dogs want to sit on my lap, Cheap Michael Kors she push them out of the way to get the best spot because, I am her property, as far as she concerned. I do give the other dogs personal time as well, but I have to put her in a sit/stay or a down/stay so she let them come get love. She is, by far, the one I can trust the most, not only because of her training, but from the bond we gained through the training. She never takes her eyes off of me, since we began at our
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