For over 10 years, Supercard Solutions & Services has been our trusted partner in the projects developed by MOL Romania company, for cards production and personalization, database management services and marketing campaigns. To Supercard team, thank you for the high quality products and services and for the readiness and availability shown during our collaboration.

Maria PETRIC, Loyalty Operations Manager MOL Romania

The professionalism, readiness, reliability and openness to innovation have been and are the assets that turned Supercard Solutions & Services in one of our long-term partners. Thank you Supercard for the good collaboration so far, we are looking forward to future projects undertaken together!

Marilena Cîrsteanu, Serviciu CRM & Marketing Direct, Cora Romania

The Supercard team has always met our exigencies, even though the projects that we develop together impose high standards of proficiency and seriousness, as well as a high implication level. We have relied on the products and services of our partner Supercard Solution & Services and confidently continue to do so.

Sabina Athanasiu, PR & Communication Coordinator, Sephora Romania

City Dent thanks you for the excellent collaboration! We appreciate the competent people with which we have worked and we thank you for the promptitude you have shown!

City Dent Team

I, Metropotam, the urban animal that explores the city and recounts everything on metropotam.ro, needed a personalized object that would represent me in all my loveliness. I have therefore called on Supercard’s special powers. And they indeed made me a… oh well, a really super card.
In my own face and image, Supercard managed to pull out of the oven a beautiful and shiny discount card, that is eager to meet the world. Every month, new Metropotam cards come from my friends at Supercard and I can’t wait to open the envelope and see the cards with super-powers. So, thank you Supercard!


The Supercard team has stood by us from the first moment when we implemented the loyalty program for our customers in Romania. They have offered us the technical solutions we needed and adapted to all the changes that occurred,  so that we managed to quickly thank our clients for their fidelity. We trust that this collaboration and the professionalism of the Supercard team will help us in the development of future projects.

Decathlon Communication Team

The professionalism and seriousness of the team as well as the promptitude and quality of the services they provide represent the grounds for a long term collaboration with Supercard, of which we are fully satisfied.

Marketing Director, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Romania

The quality of the products and services they provide, the promptitude and seriousness that Supercard shows fully satisfy Libra Bank’s exigencies.

Card’s Division Director, Libra Bank

We are very satisfied with the way in which Supercard answered our solicitations and with the quality of the products and services they provide.

Executive Adjunct Director, OTP Bank