Cards4u mobile app

Cards4u mobile app

An app for EVERY USER

  • All loyalty cards at hand
  • Option to issue a card directly from the app
  • Personalized and exclusive offers
  • Quick access to cards with Favorite option
  • Map with favorite stores
  • Promotions in real time

Extra benefits with the extended profile! 

An app for EVERY BRAND

  • Efficient and personalized communication, at a lower cost, with current and potential clients
  • Offers published and promoted in real time, easily updated
  • Offers posted preferentially
  • Personalized application forms, based on Partners’ requirements
  • New app functionalities, based on Partners’ requirements
  • Technical capability to be a payment instrument
  • Dedicated project management for each Partner

3 easy steps:

  1. Download the application on mobile device;
  2. Scan the card;
  3. Use the saved card for every transaction



  • Register the bank card in the app
  • Scan the QR code at the cash register, with Cards4u app
  • The app receives the confirmation and the payment is finalized!

* Only in partner stores


Supercard offers:

  • The Cards4u app, available for both iOS and Android
  • Database management and personalized campaigns
  • Customized functionalities