15 Dec 2009

The Zile si Nopti Card

The first card that offers benefits to both clients and discounters has been launched!

The Zile si Nopti card allows the latter to participate in a loyalty program with no costs, offering them visibility on the market, since tens of thousands of potential customers are encouraged to consume in the partner locations.
The card brings its owner a large amount of discounts in hotels, restaurants and bars, as well as in health and beauty locations (beauty and fitness salons) and in cultural or shopping centers.
In order to use the card, the client identifies the partner locations and the discounts that they have to offer. The locations list can be found in the Zile si Nopti magazine, or on the www.zilesinopti.ro website. By using the card, the discount is received on the spot!

The Zile si Nopti card can also represent a unique way to reward one’s employees!