Direct Mailing

Direct Mailing

We know that a direct and efficient communication with the clients often ensures their loyalty. In order to help our business partners to create the best loyalty program we developed a direct mailing program through which, in over 18 years:

  • We have processed and dispatched over 12 million envelopes containing reception letters, personalized cards, brochures, catalogues, greeting cards, abstracts of account, payment notices;
  • We have produced over 34 million letters, envelopes, labels, prospects, application forms.

The services offered by our direct mailing programs are complex and destined to answer any potential request from our clients:

  • The relationship with the Romanian Post Office or the preferred couriers;
  • The production of typographic materials;
  • Materials personalization;
  • Materials assembly and expedition preparations;
  • Mail pick-up and processing;
  • Arrived refunds;
  • Post office box renting;
  • Clients database updating;
  • Document archiving and indexing;
  • Obtaining the legal approvals for personal data processing;
  • Consulting regarding personal data gathering and obtaining the clients permission to use such data;
  • Direct communication with the clients via call center, SMS, e-mail, fax, web.

For high demanding direct mailing programs we specialized in complex sending:

  • Envelopes and packages with complex contents (samples, awards, flyers, posters, brochures, catalogs, greeting cards);
  • Refund packages with declared value;
  • Registered letters, with or without delivery confirmation.

Trustfully use our direct mailing services: Sensiblu, MOL România, Cetelem, Electrolux România,  Medicover, FirstData, Ralfi, Sephora, Patria Credit, Patria Bank.