We started by being part of the first nationwide loyalty programs in Romania:  Connex Land and Sensiblu.

In the following 16 years we continued to grow and gain experience thus managing to implement succesfully the biggest and most complex loyalty programs on the market, for known brands like MOL Romania, Winston, Electrolux Romania, Altex, Media Galaxy, Mobexpert, Romania Hypermarche (Cora), Dona Farmacies .

With our clients’ help we are now proud to say we are the #1 company in loyalty solutions based on cards!

Our experience recommends us as the perfect choice for giving consulting services on creating and developing the most perfect loyalty solutions:

  • Choosing the most appropriate loyalty plan for your business;
  • Building the informatic system;
  • Assuring the efficiency of the logistic process;
  • Database management;
  • Gathering personal data and obtaining the clients’ permission;
  • Achieving the legal standards regarding the processing of personal data and obtaining all the required clearances;
  • Choosing the most efficient printing solution for both the cards and all the other materials used in the loyalty program
  • Implementing the promotional campaigns;
  • Designing the promotional regulations.