Card Production and Personalization

Card Production and Personalization

Based on more than 16 years of experience, we offer our clients support in identifying the optimal solution for cards production and personalization according to:

  • The card type (loyalty, gift card, banking, membership or ID);
  • The data reading technology used;
  • The desired card material ( PVC card, cardboard, ABS);
  • The chosen card shape (standard, mini card, tricard, other special shapes);
  • The desired card finish(rolling, holograms, metallic colors, shapes in relief, special effects);
  • The preferred personalizing methods (embossing, printing, magnetic band encoding, chip encoding).

We personalize the cards in a very strict data security and confidentiality regime (secured space, access, restricted software and hardware).

We also use the newest card printing and personalizing technologies available:

  • Retransfer technology printers (printing quality similar to that of offset printing);
  • Embossing machines with a high personalizing capacity (up to 18.000 cards/day);
  • Industrial production through foreign partners with experience and VISA/MasterCard certificates.

Because we want to offer the most suitable solution for clients needs, we also provide:

Amongst the clients satisfied by our quality of products and services: Sensiblu, MOL Romania, Romania Hypermarche (CORA), Cetelem IFN, Farmaciile Remedio, Electrolux Romania, METRO Cash&Carry Romania, Siepcofar (Farmaciile DONA), Altex & Media Galaxy, Mobexpert, OTP Bank, Banca Comerciala Romana, Banca Romaneasca, Unicredit Romania, Leumi Bank Romania (EUROM Bank), Veneto Banca, Romexterra Bank, Banca Comerciala Carpatica, BRD (Societe Generale), Banca CR Firenze( Daewoo Bank), OMV Romania, OMV Bulgaria, Marriot, Regina Maria – Reteaua Privata de Sanatate, Medicover, Baumax, ABN Amro, Orange, Belladonna, L’Oreal, Hofigal, Catena,  Editura RAO, Librariile Noi, Otter, Sephora, Life Care.