Call Center

Call Center

Amongst the services we provide for our clients our company also developed a call center service, essential for running a complex loyalty program.

With the help of a team of professionals, trained in communication skills, we are ready to answer the most exigent requirements of our clients through:

  • Client’s satisfaction interviews;
  • Products demand management through the telephone;
  • Info line-support for promotions;
  • Helpdesk;
  • Data base updating;
  • Telemarketing;
  • Complaints management;
  • Database entry and management;
  • Document archiving and indexing;
  • Direct communication with the clients via: SMS, e-mail, fax, web, mail.

We thank our clients who trusted us: Electrolux România, Sensiblu, MOL România, Heineken (Ciuc), Intersnacks (Chio Chips), Sarantis (STR8,C-thru), Zass Proteus, Penny Market (Rewe).