mPOS – Mobile POS

mPOS – Mobile POS


mPOS –  Keep your business moving !

Accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime!

Use your WIRELESS DEVICE as a CASH REGISTER or electronic POS terminal with the mobile point of sale solution, mPOS!

  • conduct financial transactions anywhere
  • improve the customer experience
  • cost-effective, lower cost for business transactions

mPOS comes with

  • Multiple bank integration on single device (POS Sharing)
  • integration for PDA and/or optionally a phone
  • White label Wallet
    • Transaction History
    • Settlement options
    • Loyalty parametrization
  • Real-time settlement can be proposed via prepaid cards to the merchants
  • Fraud monitoring and exception processing
  • Merchant driven loyalty support
  • Compliance with Visa/MasterCard-PCI- security rules and regulations
  • Fully certified secure payment terminals
  • Full development and mPOS certification support including a tailored training program
  • Development tools and utilities for simple integration
  • Product customization: custom colors, branding, packaging, labels, accessories.
  • Interoperability: operating on multiple global payment platforms
  • Communication support over both Bluetooth and USB
  • Multi-language support for merchant and card holder messages
  • Simple and flexible API for mPOS system integrators
    • Full EMV
    • Simple message protocol to support transaction and administration function processing
    • Can be enhanced to provide specific customer requirements

Versatility through Bluetooth connection – customers can connect to multiple platforms and Android and iOS based devices.

Totally safe!

Customer data is encrypted and . P2Pe Encryption

Key Benefits for Merchants and Clients

Connect with your customers in new ways!

  • Higher revenues. Cashiers have more time to better inform consumers and help them make faster purchasing decisions.
  • Speed up check-out and return lines.. The customers can move faster through the check-out line or returns line, even during sales rush times.
  • Offer receipt options. Be green and offer consumers the possibility to save the environment and also better organize their transactions, by getting the receipts on e-mail. For those more traditional, mPOS can always provide a paper receipt.
  • Build a customer database. Gather information on customers anywhere in the store, for future personalized communication, through email receipt
  • Grow your business outside the store. Use the “m” in “mPOS” and get mobile! Transactions can now be made anywhere the customers are! Using an online connection back to the store POS and inventory system, you cannow following the customers, rather than wait for them in the store.
  • Less ties to system hardware. Systems are less tied to specific proprietary POS system hardware than in the past.
  • Acceptance of electronic payments from all sales channels: online, mobile and/or at the physical point of sale.

mPOS white label solution can be styled to match your business’ needs!

  • Sales anywhere in the store. New customers can be reached anywhere in the store, near info points or demonstration booths, for a quick & easy sale.
  • Always know price and availability. Answer questions about prices and availability with mobile devices connected to the merchant inventory management systems to immediately help customers get the information they need to make the purchase.