HCE – Host Card Emulation

HCE – Host Card Emulation


Host Card Emulation – The new face of mobile payments!

Transform the smartphone into a smart card!

HCE (Host Card Emulation)

  • The new mobile card solution based on host card emulation (HCE) technology which enables smartphones to be used as easily and securely as a standard chip card.
  • EMV compatible
  • Does not require a particular SIM card or secure element
  • Supported by VISA and MasterCard
  • Applies to all smartphones running Android operating system 4.4. and above.
  • By transferring a token in advance, payments can also be processed without an active internet connection.
  • HCE is a software-only solution. All data produced for the transaction is filed away in a secure central server environment.

HCE software solution – convenient contactless payments at the point of sale, for all consumers.


  • Registration and change of personal data and contact details
  • Balance view (available, pending/reserved)
  • Transaction history
  • Show virtual bank account number for wire transfer (SEPA Credit) top-up
  • Top-up methods (Credit Card, SEPA Direct debit etc.)
  • Show card details (PAN, Expiry date, CVV) for online purchases
  • KYC upgrade: upload ID documents for identity verification
  • View Ts&Cs
  • Show FAQs/Help Text
  • Customer care Information
  • Login/logout

Optional functionalities available!

  • POS Locator
  • Web user interface based on Twitter Bootstrap framework

Ideal for suppliers who wish to reach a wide range of cardholders and operate at the interface of mobile wireless technology providers and manufacturers of mobile devices.
Retailers, banks and white label partners can provide this card solution available quickly and conveniently via a conventional app.
The solution enables BANKS to reach up to 100% of the customer base, lower the bank’s investment and the operational costs.