Timesheet Systems

Timesheet Systems

Supercard develops systems that insure a controlled access into protected spaces, allow the entry of the date and time of the entrance/exit into/out of the area and can automatically control the lighting system of the supervised space.

Amongst the advantages of implementing a timesheet solution we mention:

  • A strict access control of the working parameter;
  • Top security of the data within the system, insured by the password protected access to the PC on which the software is installed;
  • The possibility to obtain an up-to-date (real time) report of the entrances/exits into/out of the working parameter;
  • Easy to use, because the card does not need to come into contact with the reading device.

Supercard also develops surveillance systems for the restricted areas. Of all the technical security systems, video surveillance shows the best results. It offers the possibility to identify the suspect people or actions and can be used as recorded proof of the unpleasant event.

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