Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards

For 18 years we are developing, together with our partners, the best loyalty solutions and programs.

We rely on our experience in offering our clients free consulting to identify the most suitable type of card,  based on:

  • The data reading technology used;
  • The needed platform (PVC card, cardboard, ABS);
  • The chosen shape (standard, mini card, tricard, other special shapes);
  • The solicited finishing (rolling, holograms, metallic colors, relief shapes, special effects);
  • The preferred personalizing methods (embossing, printing, magnetic band encoding, chip encoding).

We also offer free consulting to identify the best solution to integrate the card in a loyalty program as well as in choosing the most apropriate elements of the program desired by the client:

  • The card’s layout;
  • Card wrapping and presentation solutions (plastic, cardboard, wood, metal or textile material boxes);
  • Expedition services for the card;
  • Direct communication with your clients via telephone, SMS, e-mail, mail, fax;
  • The printing of additional materials: greeting cards, flyers, envelopes, forms;
  • Card printers.

We are proud to work with big brands on loyalty cards: Sensiblu, Mol Romania, Electrolux Romania, Romania Hypermarche (Cora), Altex, Orange.