Banking Cards

Banking Cards

Supercard is part of the banking card market ever since 2001.  Together with the leaders of the international card market we have produced over 8 million banking cards for more than 18 banks from Romania.

Due to the sensitive nature of the banking cards we use the services of the best international card producers as well as the most secure conditions for our clients’ products.

We offer our clients support for:

  • The preparation of the files according to the latest VISA and MasterCard specifications;
  • The import related formalities;
  • Secured transport to the client’s headquarters according to VISA and MasterCard rules.
  • The card’s design;

Since 2009 we have enriched our offer with other special services for our clients:

  • Support for the completion of special VISA/MasterCard forms;
  • Assistance in choosing the appropriate chip type according to the type and security degree or the card.

Also starting 2009 we have specialized in the production of cards with chip, a product for the future.

In 2012, Supercard was involved in the launch of the Banca Carpatica display card, an innovative 2 in 1 solution that combines the functionality of a payment card with the security of a token.

We are proud to have gained the trust of prestigious clients such as: OTP Bank, Unicredit, BancaCarpatica, Bancpost, BancaFeroviară, Bank of Cyprus, Bloom Blank, CEC Bank, Credit Agricole, Veneto Banca, Leumi Bank, Libra Bank, Piraeus, Romexterra, TBI Bank, Patria Bank.