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has now closed above 14,000 twice this month. Before February, the index had closed above that level just nine times in its history. The first time was in July 2007; the rest were in October of that year. Avon stock price jumped $3.51, or 20 per cent, Replica Michael Kors Handbags to $20.79 after the company posted a fourth quarter loss that wasn as bad as analysts expected. The company also hopes to save michael kors handbags $400 Michael Kors handbags cheap million by slashing costs. Michael Kors rose $5, or 9 per cent, to $62 after reporting earnings that beat analysts predictions. Bank of America was the biggest gainer on the Dow, adding 38 cents, or 3.25 per cent, to $12.24. Stocks gaining in the Michael Kors index outnumbered those falling by a ratio of more than four cheap Michael Kors handbags to one. Two stocks rose for every one that fell on the New York Stock Exchange. Trading was lighter than the recent average at 3.3 billion shares. About 70 per cent of companies in the S 500 have reported earnings for the fourth quarter. Analysts are projecting that earnings will rise 6.4 per cent for the period, an improvement from
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